Solution Providers

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Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Filter Service

Highly reliable detection of more than 99% of all spam, phishing and virus infected eMails at a very low average false positive rate of 0.0001%.

Business Partners

Abraxas Informatik AG  is a leading Swiss ICT enterprise for public administrations and organisations ias well as in selected segments for private enterprise. Abraxas offers Secure Messaging service powered by PrivaSphere to the employees of canton and municipalities.


DeltaLogic AG with its solution Tribuna is the leader for Swiss courts business intelligence. DeltaLogic integrates PrivaSphere Secure Messaging in its solutions. The electronic communication of courts with authorities and citizens is integrated for seamless processes.


Diartis Diartis develops and distributes software solutions for case management. Around 500 customers use Diartis solutions - including federal offices, cantons, cities and municipalities, insurance companies and institutions in the home and consulting sector.

SwissSecure AG is a specialist in the conception, engineering and realization of secure mail infrastructures.

Technology Partners

SecureSafe is an award-winning online storage solution for companies and individuals alike. The cloud vault simplifies online file sharing and protects documents and passwords, offering a level of security comparable to a Swiss bank. SecureSafe is a unique solution thanks to the use of double encryption, triple data redundancy for each and every file and zero knowledge architecture, thus offering the highest level of privacy protection.

see www.securesafe.com

Swisscom Docsafe is the online safe for your documents.Store your documents, passwords and notes in a secure location. And access them easily with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Threema is the world's most popular secure messenger and protects your data from access by hackers, businesses, and governments. Threema can be used anonymously and provides a rich set of features

Within PrivaSphere Secure Messaging you can send the Message Unlock Code (MUC, one tim epassword) directly via Threema to the receipient.

AfA Archiv GmbH is an outsourced service provider of the archives for agricultural history, an independent institute that looks for historical sources in the agricultural and nutritional sector, opens up them according to scientific criteria, and then transfers them to public and private archives for permanent storage. AfA Archiv GmbH offers these services to interested parties in other sectors.


AdNovum Informatik AG

AdNovum is a leading Swiss software company with headquarters in Zurich, offices in Bern and Budapest and over 120 employees. It specializes in upmarket security, application and integration projects based on Nevis, a security framework for the protection of sensitive data, services and applications. Nevis was developed in close cooperation with major Swiss companies and is deployed in production by numerous financial services companies and in the public sector (http://www.nevis-web.com).

QuoVadis ist ein international akkreditierter Zertifizierungsdienstanbieter (CSP Certification Service Provider) mit weltweiter Anerkennung (WebTrust) und stellt elektronische Zertifikate nach Schweizerischer (ZertES) und europäischer Gesetzgebung (ETSI) aus. 

Docucom AG is one of the largest service providers in the area of Document Output Management and market leader for archive migration in Switzerland.

Training Partners

ROM Consulting

ROM Consulting & Training is a leading provider of IT and security training based on blended and e-learning.