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Planned activities

    Current activities

    • as per 25.07.2017: New IP addresses for PrivaSphere: ** ** - Please make sure that the firewall rules are correct. In the transition phase, the old and new IP addresses are used in parallel. (later also IPv6 2a0a:de00::/64)

    Completed activities

    • 06.02.2018 - 01:15 - 06:45: partial system failure in the redundant data center - PrivaSphere Signature & Policy Service unavailable - Secure Messaging was not affected
    • 26.01.2018 07:30 - 11:30: partial interruption while sending due to corrupt Antivirus definitions. It is a problem caused by the distributor of the AV solution. The use of PrivaSphere is possible again.
    • 08.12.2017 00:15 - ca. 01:15: Interruption of PrivaSphere Secure Messaging due to maintenance work
    • Tue, 21.11.2017 06:00 - approx. 06:30 am: Due to maintenance work, the main platform PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is not available for about 30 minutes
    • 20.08.2017 1130-1230: partial unavailability due to problem with a system component
    • 09.06.2016: Interoperable eGov traffic: Unfortunately, we received regularly double sent eGov messages from another platform to PrivaSphere receivers (second sending with 5 minutes delay). This is a failure of the sending platform and is known since February 2016 - no fixing date is announced yet.
    • Sunday 21.05.2017 - from 21:15 Operational interruption for approx. 1 hour - We are working on an improved database infrastructure, which makes our redundant systems even more fail-safe.
    • 03.05.2017: Interoperable eGov traffic - The operator of the electronic subscriber directory for the legal traffic (eGov) reports problems with the accessibility. Interruptible interchange of eGov messages may result.
    • 10.04.2017: new SSL/TLS certificate (POP/SMTP/...)
      CN=*,OU=Secure Messaging,O=PrivaSphere AG,L=Zuerich,ST=ZH,C=CH
      valid: 10. April 2017 08:20:10 - 10. April 2019 08:20:07
      SHA1: 1C:C4:69:8E:D9:31:F6:DE:F6:69:04:40:A9:5A:FF:89:1A:F2:16:03
      SHA256: A4:DD:0D:47:D4:3C:D7:D7:41:A9:C2:62:0A:AA:C4:22:1E:7A:0C:55:39:72:E5:75:E9:D6:DB:5A:06:1A:10:DD
      Serial-# 402A089767ED0F0950970BB3375DD1F6D250B1CD
      Issuer: CN=QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2,O=QuoVadis Limited,C=BM
    • 07.04.2017 13:15 - 13:20: Short outage of s system component / problem with delivery to
    • 17.01.2017 17:25 - 17:45: Short unavailability due to DNS problems
    • 31.10.2016 21: 30-22:30: Maintenance work on the PrivaSphere platform - short interruptions expected.
    • 26.09.2016 10:30 - 19:10: Problems with QuoVadis online services: signing of outgoing eMails and sending receipts (PDF) partially disturbed (OCSP, online signature services).
    • 18.09.2016 approx. 16:15 - 20:45: Partial short outages due to technical problems on the backbone infrastructure.
    • 11.07.2016 09:15-12:00: partial short unavailability of our services due to network problems of internet service provider
    • 08.-13.06.2016: Due to problems with the PKI infrastructure (OCSP) of the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication FOITT it is currently not possible for the users to login with certificates issued by the FOITT.
    • 10.05.2016 16:45 - 17:50: sending of SMS delayed due to problems on provider side - after fixing delivery of pending SMS
    • 23.04.2016 05:00 - 06:30: system temporarily unavailable due to database problems
    • 02.13.2016 08.00 until 20.00: release at an other platform - in this period, there may be short outages in interoperable eGov traffic.
    • 12.12.2015 08:00 - 20:00: There may be delays in interoperable eGov transmissions because another platfome is releasing.
    • Sun 11/22/2015 00:15 to 7:00: Due to maintenance work, the register of eGov participants of the Federal Office of Justice will not be available. During this time no interoperable eGov messages can be delivered.
    • 15.10.2015 09:56 - 10:22: Interruption of accessibility PrivaSphere Secure Messaging. Disruption of Internet connection in the data center.
    • 01.10.2015 17:30 - 03.10.2015 ca. 16:00: Aufgrund einer Störung bei Incamail (Post) war die interoperable Auslieferung an Behörden und Gerichte, die IncaMail Kunden sind, nicht möglich. Die Störung wurde durch die Post behoben.
    • 18.09.2015 05:00 - 05:05: Release of new eGov receipts and other features.
    • 13.09.2015 - 17.09.2015: Interoperable eGov mails to the Canton Solothurn are not possible due to problems after the IncaMail 4 release.
    • 12.09.2015, 8 a.m. until 13.09.2015, 12 p.m Release of IncaMail. During this time there will be interruptions to the service in the delivery of interoperable eGov registered eMails.
    • 06.09.2015 02:00 - 06:00: Electronic directory of the Federal Office of Justice: Maintenance by the operator. Therefore there may be several short interruptions up to 5 minutes.
    • 01.09.2015 17:10 to 17:47: Electronic directory of the Federal Office of Justice: Due to a configuration error, there was a complete failure of the Internet connection on September 1, 2015 17:10 to 17:47. The services were still "alive", but unavailable.
    • 24.08.2015 from1800 (approx. 1h): work on the mail infrastructure of the Canton of Berne. Possible delivery delay of 'eGov Registered Mails' to courts and government of Berne.
    • 05.08.2015 from1800: work on the mail infrastructure of the Canton of Berne. Possible delivery delay of 'eGov Registered Mails' to courts and government of Berne.
    • 05.08.2015 ab 1800 Uhr: Arbeiten an der Mail-Plattform des Kantons Bern - es muss mit Verzögerungen bei der Auslieferung von 'eGov Einschreiben' an Berner Gerichte und Behörden gerechnet werden.
    • Sunday, 07/06/2015 4:00 to 10:00: maintenance on BJ subscriber directory. Sporadic interruptions of availability of interoperable eGov traffic due to renovation work on the network infrastructure.
    • 05.23.2015 - 12:10 to 13:54: failure of the electronic subscriber directory of the Federal Office of Justice
    • 04.12.2015, approx. 13:00: critical kernel update of the directories of eGov platforms. The update requires a reboot of the system. The system will be offline for approximately 5 minutes. Interoperable eGov registered mails can not be sent this moment.
    • 11.03.2015-16.03.2015: Fax gateway for automated MUC sending off - only partial delivery possible.
    • 13.02.2015 ca. 1400 - 1500: Interruption "directory of platforms" of the Federal Office of Justice
    • 29.01.2015 - closed vulnerability "GHOST" (see
    • 27.01.2015 0600: Short interruption due to an update of important system components
    • 26.01.2015: Update: 1400: problem solved by IncaMail - 0830: IncaMail acceps no interoperable eGov emails due to an error