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Hilfe Übersicht


See all received messages you have in your PrivaSphere account.

List Posteingang

When clicking on the subject area of a message you can access the individual message for viewing.

Following functions are available:

Antworten an Reply to Reply to the sender of the message
Antworten an alle Reply to all Reply to the sender and all recipients of the message
Weiterleiten Forward Forward to another recipient(s)
Absender als Spamer blockieren Add to spammer list If you wish not to receive any eMail from a particular sender, you can add this person to a personal spam list by clicking on the icon.
E-Mail löschen Delete message If you want to permanently delete a message, click on the icon.
/images/instance/mail_alle_loeschen.gif Delete all checked messages If you want to delete several messages, check them and click on the icon heading the column

If the subject link is bold, this is a new message which has not been accessed yet.

If you need additional assistance, contact PrivaSphere support.

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