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Message Unlock Code (MUC)

A MUC is a one-time access code and protects a message sent to a new communication partner from being seen by eavesdroppers or erroneous recipients and is used to initiate trust.

Prepara per l'invio:

  1. If you send a message to a new recipient, then the system generates a random MUC. Remember the MUC and send the message.
  2. Communicate this MUC code not by eMail - use another communication channel, e. g. personally or by telephone, SMS, Fax or letter - to the recipient.
  3. The recipient clicks on the link in the notification message he received from PrivaSphere. This opens a page on the PrivaSphere site which requests the MUC code to be entered. Providing the credentials will give access to the secure message.
  4. If the recipient clicks on the quick register button, he can obtain a password, trust with the sender is established and a MUC is not any longer needed when communicating between these two parties. To Register only does not have a cost impact for the user. Vedi un insieme di screenshot (pdf system error: Immagine mancante - pdf_icon2) illustrando i passi al tuo destinatario sta attraversando

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