Secure Messaging Platform


Increasingly, email is becoming essential to business communication. However this mean of communication in its traditional form does not meet the requirements of business correspondence.


Professionals in sectors such as government agencies, healthcare and financial services and other industries need to adopt email security for regulatory compliance with data protection laws and for compliance with industry regulations.


The PrivaSphere Secure Messaging Platform secures the transmission of your confidential documents and messages:



Save costs by moving paper based processes to secure digital business processes.

Individual user groups inside your company can work in their standard working environment, out of their standard eMail program (Notes / Outlook and others) or out of a user application.

Delivery according the preferences of the individual customers

Gateway encryption with partner companies and ad hoc end user encryption

Server based electronic signatures


Trust Management for simple automated identity management without the costs of a PKI roll out.

Clientless. Does not require any installation on desktops.

Regulatory compliance by encrypting eMail messages for privacy.

Available as a secure hosted service or as a technology license.

Integration into existing J2EE and DB infrastructure.




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