PrivaSphere™ Secure Messaging: Delivery options


Normal eMail (without PrivaSphere™)

  • no protection
  • no liability


Signed eMail


PrivaSphere™ Secure Messaging


PrivaSphere Registered Secure eMail

  • encrypted transmission
  • authentication of receipient by MUC
  • sending time and content digitally signed with a qualified and certified timestamp (blindcopy to self)
  • digitally signed delivery confirmation
  • notification to the sender if undeliverable (withdrawal) within 7 days
  • optional as PDF file (with RFC3161 timestamp, incl attachments)
  • not producing a priori the same legal effects concerning recipient's identification as an eGov Registered Secure eMail (see below)
  • please contact us to evaluate possible use cases and actions for preparation


PrivaSphere™ eGov Secure Mail