Quick Reference

Four simple steps to secure communication over the Internet through the PrivaSphere Secure Messaging Service:



1. Compose Message

The sender writes an eMail online at https://www.privasphere.com. Upon login, a secure connection (SSL) is established between the sender and the secure messaging service which reliably protects data from eavesdropping.


2. Notification

The recipient is notified through a normal eMail from sender securemessaging@privasphere.com that a secure message is waiting for delivery on the secure PrivaSphere server. The recipient is invited to download the message through a link to https://www.privasphere.com.


3. Simple Authentication

If this is the first time that the recipient is contacted by the sender through PrivaSphere, a message to unlock code (MUC) will be provided. For confidentiality, this MUC must be transmitted by a means of communication other than eMail (e.g. phone, SMS). The code is required in order to access the pending message.

If the recipient has already been in contact with the sender through the PrivaSphere server and has registered, step 3 is no longer required.


4. Read Message

The recipient follows the link provided in the notification message (2), which automatically establishes a secure connection (SSL) between their computer and the PrivaSphere secure server. The recipient’s identity is authenticated through a MUC (3) or later through their user id and password. The message and confidential documents such as contracts, business plans, resumes or loan documents can then be accessed and downloaded.


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