PrivaSphere Registered Secure eMail™ with return receipt

Protect yourself and add a verifiable proof to your important information exchanges. PrivaSphere Registered secure eMail provides evidence to support non-repudiation of electronic transactions through the use of auditable time stamps and digital signatures of its Swiss federally recognized platform. 

PrivaSphere Registered Secure eMail™ with return receipt needs a personal identification of the recipient with a client certificate issued by a Swiss CA according to Swiss law (ZertES) or strong authentication after prior identification . PrivaSphere proofs the certificate respectively the strong authentication, enables the access and generates a return receipt which protocols the transaction.


  • Proof of sending and content: digitally signed by PrivaSphere with certified secure time source.
  • Digitally signed delivery receipt
  • Secure exchange of electronic data (encryption)
  • Detect tampering of electronic data
  • Notification of sender in case of non-delivery
  • Authentication with certificates or strong authentication according to Swiss law
  • No installation
  • Award winning Swiss Technology (Swiss Technology Award 2005)



  • Works with recent browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Works with mostly all mail servers (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell Groupwise, Sendmail, Postfix etc.)
  • Works with all mail clients (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, etc.)


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