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How to create your own certificate with XCA


To generate X509 Keypairs, a German developer wrote an open source programm. It's easy to use (with templates etc.)


You find the actual version under or direct under


step-by-step-instruction for X.509 Keypair for E-mail encryption and signing




Install tool XCA (

1. step Generate a RSA Private Key 1024bit

Generate a RSA Private Key  1024bit


Key Details:

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2. step

Make template for the Certificate:

Take 'New empty template' (also 'New client template' possible)

New empty template:

Email-Address: this is the Email address for which the certificate will be valid ! Important to use the right one.

Diese Angaben sollten gen�gen:

Only S/MIME or SSL Client too:



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3. step

Make Certificate

You may give a serial number, otherwhise the system will give one.


Show Details:



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4. step

Export the Key

Now you get a PKCS#12 File (private & public Key)

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5. step

Install Certificate in Windows: Use Certificate Manager (normally: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CERTMGR.MSC)

Import PKCS#12 File



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6. step

Export your *crt Public Key and trust it


Datei testCerttPriva.cer anschauen:


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7 step

Trust Certificate:

Choose 'Zertifikat Installieren':

the certification manager shows now your certificate as trusted:

and as your own certificate:


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8. step You can use now the certificate. It's important to use the same email address everywhere!

And: HEUREKA - it works


by Beat Weber
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